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Welcome to lab.SCHC, the research and development laboratory dedicated to advancing the SCHC mechanism for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our mission is to make SCHC accessible to everyone by developing innovative solutions that optimize communication and data transfer. Join us as we pave the way for a more connected and sustainable future.

About lab.SCHC

The lab.SCHC, a collaborative initiative between Actility and IMT Atlantique, is focused on advancing SCHC (Static Context Header Compression) technology, which optimizes data packet transmission over any communication technology.

The lab aims to explore new improvements, support standardization, enhance energy efficiency, and extend SCHC's applications going beyond the state of the art.

A key objective is to promote the wide adoption of SCHC by offering an industrial-quality open-source embedded software stack, enabling seamless integration across various devices and applications. The lab is positioned to achieve financial autonomy and forge strategic partnerships globally, further integrating research, industry impact, and education.

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Standard enabler of IPv6 over LPWANs, SCHC also brings CoAP, UDP, and most internet based protocols.


SCHC compresses the volume of data transmitted, resulting in a reduced time-over-air for devices and increased cell capacity.


SCHC makes accessible and highly effective the use of state-of-art Internet security protocols, like DTLS.


lab.SCHC proposes a free and open source embedded development solution to make SCHC implementation accessible to everyone.



Industrial-grade Open Source embedded SCHC implementation

lab.SCHC FullSDK GitLab project
lab.SCHC FullSDK Docs

Documentation for SCHC SDK

Requisites, building and debugging, API functions, and more!
Actility IPCore

SCHC Gateway implementation for business

High performance and stability

Open source SCHC implementation in Python

For SCHC Gateway and Device

RFC Standards
RFC 8724 SCHC: Generic Framework for Static Context Header Compression and Fragmentation
RFC 9011 Static Context Header Compression and Fragmentation (SCHC) over LoRaWAN
RFC 8824 Static Context Header Compression (SCHC) for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)

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Meet the Team

L. Toutain

Laurent Toutain


Leading expert in IPv6 transition mechanisms and Smart Grids. Highly active in the standardization, development and adoption of SCHC within IETF.


O. Hersent

Olivier Hersent

Strategy Board Member

CEO at Actility. A passionate problem solver with a background in communication technologies, startup founder, and investor in innovative projects with a social impact.


A. Pelov

Alexander Pelov


Leading researcher in IoT concepts and entrepreneur promoting SCHC. Highly influential in technology fields as co-chair of SCHC-WG at the IETF.


Q. Nguyen

Quy Nguyen

Senior Backend Engineer

Seasoned in networks, R&D, and software development project leadership. Highly skilled in architecting scalable solutions and driving innovation for the IoT.


J. Fernandez

Javier Fernandez

IoT R&D Engineer

With a background in Mechatronics and a strong understanding of IoT principles, Javier is skilled in designing, developing, and testing cutting-edge IoT systems.


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